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Waikiki Smoker Friendly Hotel List

Area code (808)

Hotel Phone # Smoker Friendly Description Rates
1. Hyatt Regency Waikiki 923-1234 Some floors smoking (only balcony) Start: $200
2. Sheraton Waikiki 922-4422 Some floors smoking (only balcony) Start: $250
3. Hawaii Prince 956-1111 4 floors smoking Start: $334
4. Ilima Hotel 923-1877 2 floors smoking Start: $167
5. Waikiki Resort 922-4911 3 floors smoking (in rooms too) Start: $149
6. Waikiki Sand Villa 922-4744 2 floors smoking (in rooms too) Start: $125
7. Continental Surf 922-2232 Some smoking rooms Start: $99
8. Holiday Surf 923-8488 Some smoking rooms Start: $99
9. Waikiki Gateway 955-3741 2 floors smoking (7th & 15th) Start: $72
10. Pagoda 941-6611 Slightly outside Waikiki Start: $96

Note: Area code is 808. Remember!!!! When you call these people, let them know you are
smokers and you received this info from ... AND that their hotel is listed
on the Smoker Friendly list. Now smokers around the world will get an updated list of
Smoker Friendly Hotels that they can spend their hard earned dollars at, without being
treated like a second class citizen. The NON FRIENDLY hotels will soon feel the pinch of
smoker's monies NOT BEING SPENT THERE! That is how we fight back ...
 IT IS ALLABOUT BUCKS!! Tell your friends and pass this list on to Everyone!!


(Available for just $10 ...proceeds go to keeping this site Smokin!)
Just Say No To No-Smoking Hotels ... See Ya!

email us for more information on the Statewide Smoker Friendly Hotel list.


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